New Employee Orientation (NEO) is your information gateway into discovering more about Snohomish County. As part of this program, you will become more familiar with Snohomish County culture, locations, benefits, and much more.


Your supervisor will register you for NEO. You will be notified of the specific date and time of orientation in your offer letter.


New Employee Orientation is held on the main campus at the Snohomish County Human Resources Department (unless otherwise noted in your offer letter).
Identification Card
All employees of Snohomish County must wear and display their identification badge. On your orientation day, you will have your photograph taken and a badge will be created for you. You should receive the badge on orientation day or within the first week of employment. This badge will identify you as a county employee.
  • You will also receive a keyless entry access card, which will allow you to enter certain county facilities.
  • If you choose to pay for monthly parking or commuter parking in the county parking garage, the access card will also serve as your garage access card.

You will have your photo taken for your Identification Badge during New Employee Orientation. Bring your completed What to Bring Checklist. Having these items with you will assist you in completing pertinent forms.