Get Involved

Talk to County Staff
Call Bill Leif at 425-388-3148 or send him an email. Bill is Snohomish County's NPDES municipal permit coordinator, and he can give you information on the permit, what County government is doing, and the names of people to talk to who lead specific projects in which you might be able to get involved.

Take Part in Project-specific Public Involvement Efforts.
Contact Gregg Farris at 425-388-6454 or send him an email to learn whether stormwater capital projects are planned for your neighborhood, and learn how to get involved in these projects.

Take Part in the County Public Education & Outreach Program

Contact Suzi Wong Swint at 425-388-6476, or send her an email. Suzi can let you know about the county's education, outreach, and stewardship programs related to stormwater, water quality, salmon recovery, and other topics.

Review and Comment on the County's Budget / Attend the County Council's Public Hearings
This is one of the most direct ways to affect all future actions taken by the county, not just those related to the permit. The county executive typically submits the budget to the County Council in August. The County Executive Office webpage posts information about the budget prior to submittal each year.