Everett Herald Notices

Below are the projects that have published a legal notice in the last 30 days.  General notice information provides additional information for interested parties.

  • Daniel and Danica Mason (17-100196-CUP)
  • Tracy Gregg (17-100286-FPA)

Published January 15  

  • Lennar Northwest, Inc. (17-100228-VAR)
  • Lennar Northwest, Inc. (17-100229-VAR)
  • Kathryn Marden (17-100354-ACUP, 17-100632-MH)
  • Harmony Phase II (17-100233-SPA)

Published January 11  

  • Jonathan Road (16-121812-PSD/SPA, 16-121813-LDA)
  • Alderwood Lift Station 23 (16-112978-ACUP/LDA)
  • Rick Biermann (16-121704-FPA)

Published January 8  

  • Damson Crest (16-121476-SPA/REZO)
  • Swamp Creek PSE Gas Main Extension (16-121529-SHOR, 16-121530-LDA)
  • Aravalli PRD (16-100608-PSD/SPA, 16-119596-LDA, 16-119601-FPA)

Published December 28  

  • 156th StreetTownhomes  (14-106279-PSD)
  • Ryan McMahon (16-121394-ACUP, 16-121397-MH)
  • Karen's Pacific Heights (08-108942-SD)

Published December 25  

  • Olga's Short Plat (16-118685-PSD)
  • Gessell SFDU (16-111875-SPA, 16-111879-LDA, 16-111881-FPA

Published December 21  

  • Circle Star Short Plat (16-120982-PSD)




  • James


  • James