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Special Meeting


A regular Conservation Futures Program Advisory Board meeting is scheduled for December 20, 2016 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will be held in the conference room at the Parks Administration Building located at Willis Tucker County Park. The address is 6705 Puget Park Drive, Snohomish, WA 98206. A draft agenda for the meeting will be posted soon.

Success Celebration

A 'Success Celebration' was held August 11, 2016 to celebrate acquisition projects that were funded and completed between 2011 and 2016.  During this time, over $31 million was distributed and over 2,500 acres were acquired. 

Documents from the Success Celebration:

About the Board

The Snohomish County Conservation Futures Program was started in 1988 as a way to distribute Conservation Futures Property Tax Funds as authorized by RCW 84.34.230. The purpose of this funding is to acquire interests, or rights, in real property for the preservation of open space, farm and agricultural land, and timber land per SCC 4.14.010. These resources are available through the County’s authority to levy up to six and one-quarter cents per thousand dollars on all taxable property within the County for the purpose of acquiring open space.

The Conservation Futures Program Advisory Board (CFPAB) makes recommendations to the Snohomish County Council for projects to be funded as part of the Conservation Futures Program, and develop strategic, long-range plans for the program. Recommendations from the CFPAB are forwarded to the Snohomish County Executive for transmittal to the County Council for final action. The CFPAB consists of the County Executive (or designee); two members of County Council; one elected official selected by all cities and towns whose population base, independently, is 10,000 or greater, one elected official selected by all cities and towns whose population base, independently, is less than 10,000, and two members representing citizens of Snohomish County. Board members serve four-year terms. 
Since 1988 over $80 million dollars has been expended to acquire land or easements throughout the county by Snohomish County, cities and towns and eligible non-profit organizations, as allowed by state law.
Contact 425-388-6627 for more information.  
2016 Conservation Futures Board Matrix

Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings are held in January and May of each year and special meetings are scheduled as needed.
A special meeting is anticipated for November of 2016. Actual dates to be determined.


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Agendas and Minutes

  • 8/30/2016 Special Meeting
  • 8/11/16 Special Meeting/Celebration
  • 1/27/16 Regular Meeting -
  • 6/2/15 Regular Meeting - 
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