Point Wells

Project Overview
The Point Wells Urban Center is located in the extreme southwest corner of Snohomish County just north of the City of Shoreline and to the west of the Town of Woodway. The property is situated next to Puget Sound. The property is approximately 61 acres in size. Access to the site is from Richmond Beach Drive.

A petroleum storage facility and asphalt plant are currently located on the site. Water service is provided by the Olympic View Water and sewer by the Ronald Sewer District. The site is located next to Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad right-of-way. Sound Transit currently operates the Sounder commuter rail along this corridor.

The proposal is to redevelop the existing site as a mixed use urban center. This redevelopment would be implemented in a manner that successfully facilitates the transformation of this existing heavy industrial area to create a new sustainable residential community with supporting commercial and recreational elements that is pedestrian oriented and takes full advantage of its unique and attractive waterfront setting.

Redevelopment will include a mix of 3,000 residential units, 250,000 square feet of commercial / retail space, and public recreational uses. The site includes approximately 45.7 acres of uplands that would be used for mixed-use redevelopment. It also includes approximately 16 acres of adjoining tidelands that would remain undeveloped except for the site’s existing deep water pier. The tidelands would retain their current Shoreline Master Program Conservancy Environment designation. The site also includes approximately 3,500 feet of beach frontage on Puget Sound.

Project Status
  • April 12, 2013 : The County completed the first review comments.
  • January 7, 2013 :  Washington State Appeals reversed the ruling that the Point Wells urban center development application was not vested to the Snohomish County codes and ordinances in effect at the time that BSRE (applicant) made application for urban center permits. The judge dismissed the November 2011 injunction barring Snohomish County from processing the urban center application. 
Application Documents
Submittal Documents - Applications, Plans, Reports and other documents.

Project Numbers: 11-101457 LU; 11-101461 SM; 11-101007 SP; 11-101008 LDA; 11-101464 RC

Environmental Review Documents
Determination of Significance and Request for Comments on Scope of EIS

Second DS and Request for Comments on Scope of EIS

Comments Received
 Agency, Organization and Public Comments  (Updated 10-04-11)

Urban Center Information
Current Snohomish County Code - 30.34
Applicable Snohomish County Code - Urban Center Ordinance 09-079
Urban Center Application Materials

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Point Wells on County Interactive Zoning Map (SCOPI) - Enter the parcel number 27033500302800 in the "Find Parcel ID" field.
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