Outstanding Warrants

In the link below you will find an outstanding warrant inquiry page allowing you to view all outstanding Snohomish County District Court misdemeanor warrants.  
Warrants are a process issued by the court itself or "from the bench" for the attachment or arrest of a person. With the misdemeanor outstanding warrant inquiry you can search on "last name" to narrow down the list of outstanding warrants from Snohomish County District Court, or click on the page numbers at the bottom of the list to advance through the list. Clicking on the column headings will cause the list to sort in that column’s order.

Contact Information
For more information on misdemeanor warrants, call the District Court at 425-388-3331. For more information on felony warrants, call the Snohomish County Clerk's Office at 425-388-3466.

The Snohomish County Sheriff has an anonymous tips website or telephone hotline at 425-388-3845 where you can leave information for a follow-up investigation.

Snohomish County disclaims any warranty of fitness of this data for any particular purpose, either express or implied. No representation or warrant is made concerning the accuracy, currency, completeness, or quality of the data. Any user of this data assumes all responsibility for use thereof and further agrees to hold Snohomish County harmless from and against any damage, loss, or liability arising from any use of this data.

Clear My Warrant
If you determine you have an outstanding warrant you may begin the process of clearing or resolving that warrant by:
  • Contacting the attorney who represented you in the case with the outstanding warrant. Tell him/her you have a warrant you wish to resolve.
  • Contacting the Office of Public Defense to determine if you qualify for legal representation at public expense. Inform the Office of Public Defense you have a warrant you wish to resolve. The Office of Public Defense can be reached at 425-388-3500.
  • Turning yourself in to your local law enforcement agency. 
  • If your bail amount is below $5,000.00, you may appear at any one of the four District Court Divisions and pay a $50.00 warrant quash fee and sign for a new hearing date.