The Snohomish County Council passed Amended Motion Number 13-138 on July 17, 2013, which approved the final list of amendments to the Growth Management Act (GMA) comprehensive plan for Docket XVII.  Final action on Docket XVII will occur in conjunction with adoption of the 2015 update of the county's GMA comprehensive plan.

Docket XVII consists of proposals by five cities [Arlington (ARL3), Everett (EVR1), Granite Falls (GF2), Stanwood (STAN5), and Sultan (SLN2)] to modify their respective urban growth area (UGA) boundaries.  Everett and Granite Falls have each requested minor boundary expansions involving primarily city-owned land that would not increase population or employment capacity.  Arlington, Stanwood, and Sultan have each requested adjustments to their respective UGA boundaries that would reduce the UGA boundary in one location and expand the UGA boundary in another location.  These adjustments are proposed in order to increase cost efficiency for future utility service provisions by each city and would result in no net increase in the population capacity of each city's UGA.

The five city docket proposals are currently undergoing environmental review.  An initial public hearing on Docket XVII will be held before the county planning commission in October 2014.

For more information, please contact the project manager Steve Skorney, PDS Senior Planner, at 425-388-3311, ext. 2207, or e-mail at or view the following documents:

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