Public Works

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The Public Works Department is responsible for the:
  • Development and maintenance of the transportation system
  • Disposal of solid waste generated within all of Snohomish County
  • Control and management of surface water quantity and quality


The services provided in these areas are diverse, and the demand for services is directly dependent on the growth we have seen in the past and on future projected growth. This growth directly impacts the amount of traffic on the county's 1,675 miles of roads and 200 bridges, the amount and type of solid waste produced, the amount of storm water flows created by the development of and construction of new impervious surface, and the generation of additional water pollutants. The services provided are shaped by various federal, state, and county laws and regulations.


As the largest department in Snohomish County government, Public Works has approximately 590 positions. Most of our work is performed in unincorporated areas, but some projects are done cooperatively with individual cities and agencies. The department is divided into five divisions: Road Maintenance, Engineering Services, Transportation and Environmental Services, Solid Waste and Surface Water Management.

Title VI

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