International Trade and Investment

Snohomish County’s economy thrives through its global connections. More than 60 percent of jobs in Snohomish County are related to trade, according to analysis by Economic Alliance Snohomish County. That's one of the highest levels in the United States. The Port of Everett—the fifth-largest port on the U.S. west coast in export value—supports 34,000 jobs in Snohomish County and the north Puget Sound region. Foreign investors from around the world, across a broad range of industries, have made Snohomish County a base of operations, supporting high-skill, high-wage jobs and community growth.

Our county’s future prosperity depends on expanding these international relationships—supporting local businesses of all sizes enter into new markets and expand their exports, encouraging international partners to invest in Snohomish County workers and communities, and welcoming international visitors and students who support our economy and enrich our communities.
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Are you a Snohomish County business owner thinking about exporting your products and services to overseas markets? The following resources may help you get started:

Exporters should be mindful of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other U.S. laws, regulations and other initiatives focused on anti-corruption efforts. Some information about these is available on the Export-Import Bank website. Exporters should seek legal counsel regarding export and import laws and regulations that may affect specific transactions.