Supplemental Life Insurance

The County offers voluntary Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance through The Hartford to regular employees that work at least 20 hours per week, their spouses (and domestic partners), and their eligible dependent children. Newly eligible participants may elect coverage on a guaranteed basis up to $150,000 and spouses may elect coverage on a guaranteed basis up to $30,000 without providing Evidence of Insurability (EOI). Review the Certificate of Insurance and Benefit Highlight Sheet for specific terms and conditions.
  1. Employee
  2. Spouse & Domestic Partner
  3. Children
  • New employees/newly eligible employees must enroll within 30 days from their date of hire/date of becoming newly eligible to elect up to the guaranteed issue amount of $150,000 for themselves and up to $30,000 for their spouse (or domestic partner) without submitting a Personal Health Application (PHA).
  • To enroll, submit the Enrollment Form and PHA (if applicable) to Human Resources.
  • To make changes to current coverage, including increasing, decreasing and cancelling coverage, submit the enrollment/change form.
  • Submit a PHA if applying for more than the guarantee issue amount.
  • Submit a PHA if applying at any time other than when newly eligible or if increasing coverage.
  • Employees may apply for Supplemental Life Insurance for themselves in increments of $10,000.
  • The minimum amount an employee may apply for themselves is $10,000.
  • The maximum amount cannot be more than the lesser of 5 times their annual earnings or $300,000.
  • Monthly premiums are based on rates, employee’s age and election amount January of each year.
  • Review the Certificate of Insurance online for terms and conditions. 

Leaving Employment

As a terminated employee – or as an active employee or retiree – losing coverage or a portion of coverage under our Plan, you may be eligible to continue all or a portion of that coverage without submitting evidence of good health. Review the Notice of Continuation of Coverage and the Portability and Conversion Guide for details.

Certificate of Insurance

Supplemental Life Insurance Certificate of Insurance

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