Following are Parks properties in various stages of planning and/or development. 
  1. Cavalero

  2. Esperance

  3. Flowing Lake

    Campground expansion for additional ten campsites cabin, entryway configuration and other improvements

  4. Heybrook

  5. Kayak Point

    Expansion of campground to include 2 campsites

  6. Lake Stickney

  7. Lord Hill Regional Park

    Snohomish County Parks is in the early conceptual stage of establishing a site and management plan for Lord Hill Regional Park which will establish an official trail plan and include options for future development such as expanded parking solutions and focused equestrian and mountain bike use areas.

  8. Maltby Area Community Park

    Master Plan project progress for Carousel Ranch property

  9. Meadowdale

  10. Paine Field Airport Park

    Paine Field Airport Park

  11. Sky to Sound Water Trail

    Project status on Sky to Sound Water Trail

  12. Sky Valley Shooting Park

  13. Wenberg

  14. Whitehorse Regional Trail

    Project page for the development of the Whitehorse Regional Trail.

  15. Willis Tucker Phase 3B

    Project status for Willis Tucker Park