Bid Tabulations & Award Information

Displayed below are all Formal Bids, RFPs, and RFQs received by the county and are in the evaluation process. Once this process completes, the solicitation may result in one or more awards. The county will post preliminary bid tabulations for each bid, and a list of submitters for RFPs, and RFQs received on this page when available.

Preliminary Bid Tabulations

Preliminary bid tabulations will be posted as opened and read during the bid opening. The county makes no guarantee of the accuracy of any information contained in the preliminary bid tabulation. To download the bid tabulation, click on the link shown in the "Status" column.

Once award information is available it will be posted here as well.

Bid Status Key

Bid Status
Description Bid Status Description    
Bid Opening Link to Preliminary results from bid opening No Response No bids received for invitation                  
Bid Tab Link to bid tabulation of all bids after review Cancelled Bid cancelled before due date
Intent to Award Awaiting approval of recommended bidder
(link remains to bid tab)
No Award No award of bid after opening
Awarded Bid awarded to lowest, most responsible
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 Title Due
Status Date
Awardee Award
025-17SR Paint, Acrylic Waterborne Traffic Line Paint 4/6/17 Awarded 4/12/17 Alpine Products, Inc. $352,000
024-17SB Data Counter, Parks Trails  4/11/17 No Response      
023-17DW Generators 3/28/17 No Award      
022-17SB NUC PC Components & Accessories 3/16/17 Awarded 3/29/17 JPK Micros Supply $350,000 - $400,000
021-17SR Bituminous Surface Coverstone 3/9/17 Awarded 3/15/17 Cemex $206,725
020-17DW Fleet Services Space Revision 3/14/17 No Award      
019-17SR Toner & Ink 3/9/17 Bid Tab      
017-17SR Metal Sign Posts & Related Items 2/28/17 Awarded TBD  Zumar Industries, Inc. $71,407.50
016-17SR Parts Washer, Front Load Automatic 2/28/17 Awarded 3/21/17 CUDA $60,181
015-17SR Publication of SnoCo Legal Notices 3/14/17 Awarded 4/5/17 The Daily Herald $7.54 per single column inch
014-17DW 2017 County Overlay & ADA Program 5/2/17 Intent to Award  TBD Orion Marine Contractors, Inc. $2,756,135.30
013-17SR Taxiway B & North Ramp Taxilane Reconstruction 3/30/17 Bid Tab      
012-17DF Evergreen State Fairgrounds Restroom Renovation 3/9/17 Awarded  3/15/17 Wittenberg Enterprises, Inc. 237,837.60
011-17SR Press-On Solid Rubber Tires & Rims for Wheel Loaders 2/23/17 Intent to Award TBD  Setco, Inc. $29,687.12
010-17DF Flowing Lake Campground Expansion 3/7/17 Awarded TBD  Glacier Environmental Services $230,000
009-17DF SiteKiosk Licenses, Support & Upgrades 2/14/17 No Response      
008-17DF Interlocking Rubber Horse Stall Mats 2/2/17 Awarded  2/9/17 Linear Rubber Products, Inc. $22,198.84
006-17DF Kayak Point Campground Improvements 1/24/17  Awarded  TBD  Interwest Construction, Inc. $477,000
004-17SR Catch Basin Frames, Grates & Lids 1/31/17 Awarded 2/1/17  Olympic Foundry, Inc. $16,080
003-17SR Used Oil Collection Services 2/14/17 No Response      
002-17SR Sign Posts, Cedar 1/24/17 Awarded 1/25/17  Kennedy-Johnson Lumber, Inc. $50,293
001-17DW Machias Cutoff & Williams Rd Intersection Improvements 2/16/17 Awarded 3/8/17 Colacurcio Brothers Construction $1,083,554

Submittal Status Key

Submittal Status
Description Submittal Status Description    
In Evaluation Evaluation of all submittals (link to list of proposers) No Response No submittals received for request                                
Contract Negotiation Between Snohomish County and intended awardee Cancelled Request cancelled before due date
Intent to Award Awaiting approval of recommended proposer
(link remains to list of responders)
No Award No award after opening
Awarded Contract awarded to the highest ranked proposer  
Submittal Postings
Only the vendor names of the submittals received will be available on this page for proposals and qualification submittals.  Click on the "In Evaluation" link to get a list of responders.
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 Title Due
Status Date
RFP-20-17DW Video Visitation System Upgrade & Inmate Tablet Program 3/19/17 In Evaluation    
RFP-18-17DW Surface Water Management Utility Business Plan 3/20/17 In Evaluation    
RFP-16-17DW Bottled Water Delivery Service 3/10/17 In Evaluation    
RFP-15-17DW Strategic Planning Services 3/13/17 In Evaluation    
RFP-14-17DW Human Resources Assessment 3/3/17  In Evaluation    
RFP-13-17DW Neuromuscular Incapacitation Devices (NMI) 3/10/17  In Evaluation    
RFP-12-17DW Janitorial Services 3/17/17 In Evaluation    
RFP-10-17DW Elevator Consulting Service 3/7/17 In Evaluation    
RFP-07-17DW Solid Waste Receiving, Transport & Disposal Services 4/19/17 In Evaluation    
RFP-06-17DF Secure On-Site Shredding Service 2/16/17 In Evaluation    
RFP-05-17DW Adaptive Signal Control 2/27/17 In Evaluation    
RFP-03-17DF Wetland Mitigation Banking Credits 2/28/17 In Evaluation    
RFP-02-17DW Jail Advertising Services 1/27/17 In Evaluation  
RFQ-01-17DW Construction Inspection Services 3/6/17 In Evaluation    
RFP-01-17DW MRO Supplies & Stocking Services 3/10/17 In Evaluation    

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