Savvy Septic Grants

Savvy Septic Program Alert: Starting on January 13, 2017, rebate and grant funding for projects in the Snohomish County Clean Water District (Surface Water Management Area) will be on hold until further notice. Applicants who reside in the Clean Water District that submit a complete application for rebate or grant funding prior to January 13, 2017 will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis as funds are available.
Grants are available to help low-income homeowners with the costs of septic system repair, replacement, and maintenance. Grant funding is limited and available on a first come, first served basis until funding is exhausted.

Preventative Maintenance Grants

Grants up to $599 are available for routine septic system maintenance items, such as pumping and inspection, riser installation, and baffle repair/replacement. Any project costs over $599 will be the homeowner's responsibility. Read the Preventative Maintenance Grant one-page overview for more information.

Replacement Grants

Before applying for a Replacement Grant, homeowners must first apply for a loan through Craft3. If you are not eligible for a loan through Craft3, you can then apply for a Replacement Grant.

Replacement grants provide funding for repairs or replacement of onsite septic systems. Homeowners must contribute
$95 towards the septic system repair permit required by the Snohomish Health District for these types of projects. Read the Replacement Grant overview for more information.

Grant Eligibility

Eligibility for both grant programs is based upon the following:
  1. The applicant must earn 60% or less of state median household income (see the Pre-Application form below) or be enrolled in Snohomish County's Senior or Disabled Person Property Tax Exemption Programs.
  2. The property must be located within a Snohomish County Watershed Management Area. By submitting a Pre-Application form, county staff will determine if your property is located in a Watershed Management Area.
  3. The applicant must own and also live on the property.
  4. The property must be a single-family home with no more than three units which each have their own septic system.
View more information on program standards and eligibility information.

Apply For A Grant

The first step in the grant process is to fill out a Pre-Application form. If you are found eligible to participate through the Pre-Application process, a full program application will be mailed to you by county staff.