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RFQ-21-16DW Attorney Backup Services Guardians Ad Litem (VGAL) 12/1/16 1
RFP-31-16SR Payment Processing for Court Related Fees 12/2/16  1
RFP-22-16SB Public Work Construction/Contract Management Solution 12/7/16 0
RFQ-16-16SB Design & Mange, Timber Frame Shelter 12/7/16 0
RFQ-22-16DW Design Services 43rd Ave SE/Sunset Rd - Roadway Improvements 12/9/16 0
076-16SR Moderate Risk Waste Disposal 12/13/16 0
082-16SR Sweeping Services at Solid Waste Transfer Station 12/13/16 0
083-16DW Evidence Presentation System 12/13/16   1
RFP-27-16SB Public Private Partnerships for Snohomish County Parks
12/14/16   0
A&E Behavioral Healthcare Design Services

Currently Posted Solicitations

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Important Information:

No oral interpretations of the solicitations will be made. All questions must be submitted in writing by Email to All answers and clarifications will be sent to all plan holders via addendum.


blic Works - Construction Bids 

Snohomish County has designated Builders Exchange of Washington (BXWA) as the official source of bid packages for most Snohomish County public work (construction) projects. Please go to the Snohomish County Projects Online virtual plan room at the BXWA website to view and obtain the County’s public work (construction) bid packages.  



 069-16DW Seattle Hill Rd; 35th Ave SE - 132nd St SE 10/26/16 12/6/16 4
 080-16SB Demolition, 27809 Whitman Road, Arlington 11/16/16 12/6/16 0

Inter-Local Cooperative Purchasing Agreements

The State of Washington often enters into inter-local cooperative purchasing agreements with other governmental agencies and political subdivisions such as counties, cities, and school districts. These inter-local agreements (made possible through RCW 39.34) allow agencies such as Snohomish County to "piggyback" on selected state contracts, other government agencies contracts, and various public purchasing consortium, which satisfy Snohomish County’s internal requirement for securing competitive pricing on selected purchases of material, equipment, supplies, and services. To view a copy of these existing agreements please select this link: 
Inter-Local Purchasing Agreements