PDS Active Projects/Permits

Click here to open the PDS Active Project and Permits Map

Welcome to the PDS Active Projects and Permits interactive map!

This interactive maps displays all major active projects and permits that are processed at Snohomish County's Planning and Development Services department.

This product is intended to be a more robust and comprehensive replacement for the tool currently found in the Snohomish County Permit, Planning, and Zoning Map (slated for retirement in Spring 2017; http://gis.snoco.org/maps/permits/)


The interactive map provides data and information about all major active projects and permits in unincorporated areas of Snohomish County. Project and permit information is available at 3 different levels of details:

  • 1st level

    •  A feature on the map denoting where active permits/projects are around the county and what stage in the process they are in (updated nightly). These are displayed in three different categories:


      • In Review
        • A formal submittal or resubmittal that has been accepted and is assigned for review. This may also be a development application that has been accepted and is in the Snohomish County review process.
      • Under Construction
        • The development permit has been issued and is currently in the inspection process and is not yet complete.
      • In Review and Under Construction
        • There is more than one active permit on the parcel/project site in both stages of the development process
      • Completed Permits
        • Permit has received final inspection; OR,  Processing of application is complete and the file has been archived. A development application that has received a decisions; OR, Processing of application and all inspections have been finished. Though this is not shown as a color on the map, you will be able to navigate to a parcel’s complete permit history by navigating to the “COMPLETE PERMITS” tab under the “PERMIT INFORMATION” link in the pop up window, where applicable (as seen in the steps below)
  • 2nd Level

    •  Once you click on a parcel with one of the colors listed above, a pop up window with a count of how many permits are on that parcel and where they are in the process will display on the map( see below):

          active permits map tip

  • 3rd Level

    • Grants you access to tabular data related to those permit status types on that parcel, which links to the information seen in PDS permitting database. You get to this level by clicking on the “Permit Status Information” link in the pop up window (see above) and navigate through the tables (see below).

app_complete history

  • The default colors for Active Project/Permits are Green, Yellow, Orange colors. In this interactive map, you can customize those colors by pressing the arrow key as well as the ability to create and turn on/off custom labels (steps seen below)