Daily Reports

Daily Reports


The Clerk’s Office is currently transitioning to the State’s new case management system, Odyssey.  The new data will be in the form of a PDF report/document, one for each report.    

This page allows online access to the Clerk’s data reports previously only available in hard copy in our office. Reports now available online are:

For reports April 27, 2016 and prior, use the first link above. You may view results by first selecting a date from the calendar and then selecting the button for the report you wish to view.  Please note that the Judgment Audit Report has been divided into two separate and distinct reports – the Added Judgments Report and the Changed Judgments Report. Please select the radio button for the individual report you wish to view prior to selecting the Judgment Audit report button. Users familiar with the hard copy reports provided in our office will be used to seeing these as a single report.

Contact Information

Questions related to these reports can be directed to the Clerk's Office by calling 425-388-3466. For the Judgment Audit Reports, please ask to be transferred to the Accounting Division.