DUI & Traffic Safety

DUI Victim Panel Schedule & Information
To schedule yourself for an upcoming DUI Victim Panel, please call our self-registration voicemail at 425-388-7269. Additional information about the DUI Victim Panel (registration instructions, location map, and contact information) is available in the Victim Panel Schedule.

mish County DUI & Target Zero Teams
DUI Victims Memorial Wall
Families, friends, and community members are invited to attend our 9th Tile Unveiling Ceremony on Thursday, September 17 2015 at 1:00 pm. The DUI Victims Memorial Wall is located on the pathway toward the A-frame picnic shelter, northwest of the McCollum Park Pool, and now contains 125 names. Please help us honor these individuals and help us stop this senseless and preventable tragedy. Always drive safe and sober. Additional information and resources below:
About the Snohomish County DUI Program:
  • Provides DUI education to:
    • High schools
    • Court-ordered offenders
    • Driver's education classes
    • The general community
  • Provides free tiles for families wanting to remember their loved one on our DUI Victim's Memorial Wall at McCollum Park in Everett.
  • Refers individuals to organizations dealing with victim's rights, traffic safety, legal proceedings, funeral arrangements, etc.
  • Recognizes those who have contributed to traffic safety in Snohomish County at our annual Awards Ceremony.
  • For DUI Program information, please call 425-388-7229.

The DUI Program Coordinator
  • Coordinates victim panels for schools, driver's education classes, community organizations, and for court-ordered defendants
  • Works closely with Snohomish County Courts for scheduling and attendance notification, and law enforcement agencies for DUI laws and enforcement
  • Sets up an information booth for safety fairs, community fairs, and other events
  • Coordinates DUI and Target Zero Task Force Annual Awards Ceremony which recognizes individuals who have made a contribution to traffic safety in Snohomish County
  • Attends statewide traffic safety meetings relating to drugged driving, safety belts, bicycle safety, and pedestrian safety
  • Networks with other DUI coordinators throughout the state and with the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission
Additional Information and Resources
  • Call the Washington Recovery Help Line at 866-789-1511 for other recovery information.
  • Snohomish Safe Kids reminds everyone that children under 13 years old should ride in the back. Please use the Seat Belt Poster to educate parents.