South County Road Projects

  1. 3rd Ave SE - 130th St SE (Everett) 2015

    Sidewalk improvements

  2. 4th Ave W and 132nd St SW (Everett) 2018

    Pedestrian Facilities Improvements

  3. 10th Dr SE and 129th St SE (Everett) 2018

    Pedestrian Facilities Improvements

  4. 14th Ave West - Road Extension

    Road Extension

  5. 35th Ave SE Corridor - Phase I(Bothell) TBD

    Corridor improvements

  6. 35th Ave SE Corridor -Phase II (Bothell) TBD

    Corridor improvements, Phase II

  7. 36th and 35th Ave W (Lynnwood) TBD

    Corridor improvements

  8. 43rd Ave SE (Bothell) 2022

    Corridor improvements

  9. 128th Street (Lynnwood) 2015

    Sidewalks and ADA ramp improvements

  10. 156th St SE (Bothell) 2016

  11. 180th St SE (Mill Creek) 2021

    Addition of lanes

  12. 180th St SE / Sunset Rd (Mill Creek) 2020

    Intersection improvements

  13. 196th St SE (Bothell) 2018

    Pedestrian Facilities Improvements

  14. 240th St SE Railroad Crossing (Bothell) 2017

    Pedestrian improvements

  15. 240th St SE (Bothell) -canceled

    Intersection and pedestrian improvements

  16. Ash Way Improvements (Lynnwood)

    Corridor widening, sidewalks etc.

  17. Beverly Park Rd and 112th St SW (Everett) 2018

    Pedestrian Facilities Improvements

  18. Broadway Ave (Bothell) Completed

    Shoulder improvement

  19. Center Rd and Marino Ave (Everett) 2018

    Pedestrian Facilities Improvements

  20. Eastside Rail Project

    Obtain details about the Eastside Rail Project and the progress it has made.

  21. Index Galena Rd, Br #496 - (Index)

    Bridge replacement

  22. Index-Galena Rd - MP 6.4-6.9 (Index) TBD

    Flood damaged road MP 6.4-6.9.

  23. Jefferson Way at Oak Hts Elem (Lynnwood) 2016

    Paved shoulder for pedestrian walkway

  24. Lake Stickney Ped Improvements (Lynnwood) TBD

    Culvert replacement

  25. Locust Way, Br #504 (Bothell) 2016

    Bridge replacement

  26. Locust Way and Larch Way - (Bothell) 2019

    Intersection improvement

  27. Mann Rd & Ben Howard Rd (Sultan)

    Road raising improvements to reduce flood risk

  28. Manor Way (Lynnwood) 2015

    Pedestrian Improvements

  29. Maple Road & Ash Way

    Road and Drainage Improvements

  30. May Creek Road, Br #559 (2015)

    Bridge replacement

  31. North Creek Regional Trail (Mill Creek) TBD

    Trail connections

  32. Seattle Hill Rd (Mill Creek) 2018

    Road widening

  33. Swift II Pedestrian Facilities (2018)

    Pedestrian Facilities Improvements