Annual Report

A Time of Transition

Annual Technology Report and Plan: 2016-2017
Published annually in accordance with Snohomish County Code 2.350.070

The categories below cover our general approach to strategic planning.
  1. Data / File Management

    View the county's plan for managing and protecting data and files.

  2. Public Records

    Check out the county's position regarding public disclosure.

  3. Service Desk

    Discover the current strategy for service desk management.

  4. Telephony

    Find out about the county's move towards voice-over IP technologies.

  5. Video Conferencing

    Learn about the county's stance on video conferencing.

  6. Virtualization

    Research the county's move towards the virtualization of its servers.

  7. WAN Upgrades

    Check out the efforts the county has made to increase its bandwidth utilization.