The County offers three dental plans including the Delta Dental of Washington PPO Incentive based plan, the Delta Dental of Washington Delta Care managed plan, and Willamette Dental Group managed plan to regular employees who work at least 20 hours a week.

Plan Year 

All dental plan provisions are calculated on a plan year basis (April 1st - March 31st).

Comparison Sheet

Review the 
Dental Comparison Sheet to compare the plans below.

Delta Dental of Washington (PPO) Group #00444

You may use any licensed dentist.  Your benefits may be paid at a higher level and your out-of-pocket expenses may be lower if you choose a participating dentist. Click to locate a provider.

Delta Dental of Washington DeltaCare (HMO) Group #00114

You are required to select and receive care from a DeltaCare dentist or specialist. Click here to locate a provider.

Willamette Dental Group (HMO) Group #WA175

Must receive care from a Willamette Dental Group dentist or specialist. Click here to locate a provider.

Healthcare Premiums

  • Regular full-time employees: If you work 35 or more hours per week, the County pays the monthly premiums for dental insurance.
  • Regular part-time employees: If you work between 20 and 34 hours per week, you will pay pro-rated monthly premiums for dental insurance. The County’s contribution toward the premium for an employee in a regular part-time appointment will be pro-rated in an amount equal to the F.T.E. percentage the employee is assigned.
  • Healthcare premiums are paid for with pre-tax dollars (unless you request otherwise and/or if you enroll your Domestic Partner).