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Most County employees will participate in one of the following retirement plans administered by the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) of Washington:

Public Employee's Retirement System Plan 2 or Plan 3 (PERS) Members

  • Review the PERS2 Plan Handbook and/or  PERS3 Plan Handbook.
  • As a new public employee, you have 90 calendar days from your date of hire to choose between PERS2 and PERS3.
  • Your plan choice is irrevocable.
  • If you do not choose between PERS2 or PERS3 within 90 calendar days from your date of hire you will be defaulted into Plan 3 with the Option A (5%) income contribution rate. If you are defaulted, it is also irrevocable.
  • Learn about the differences between PERS and PERS3.
  • If you are a returning PERS2 or PERS3 member, you return back to that plan and no plan choice is required. PERS3 can select a new contribution rate.
  • Even though the County will begin deducting Plan 2 contributions from your pay, you will default to PERS3 after 90 days of employment if you do not formalize your choice.
  • Required FormsMember Information FormRetirement Status Verification Form , and DRS Beneficiary Designation Form.

Law Enforcement Officers' and Fire Fighter's Retirement System Plan 2 (LEOFF) Members

Public Safety Employees' Retirement System Plan 2 (PSERS) Members

All DRS Members

Current Members