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Reservation Cancellations

The policies below apply to CAMPSITES, YURTS, & (Flowing Lake) CABINS
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Cancellation policies are strictly enforced.  Aside from extreme weather conditions (see below), exceptions cannot be made for rain, illness, transportation delays, or other circumstances beyond our control.  To avoid missing penalty deadlines, do not delay.  Cancel through your online account at  Be aware that not all requests made to the Call Center will be processed in time to avoid penalties.  Fees are based upon the date/time of processing, not when requested.  Messages left late in the day, on weekends, or on legal holidays will not be processed until the next business day.  


Online Cancellation Instructions (recommended):

Note:  If you booked your reservation online (and it hasn't been modified), you can cancel online.  

  1. Go to the Online Reservation System
  2. Log in to your account by clicking on the LOGIN box in the upper right corner
  3. Once logged-in, click on the "YOUR ACCOUNT" and then select "YOUR RESERVATIONS".  
  4. Click on "CANCEL" link next to the reservation(s) you wish to cancel
  5. Verify refund amount before finalizing.  See Refund section below
  6. If you encounter problems cancelling online, contact the Call Center immediately for assistance!  Fees will not be waived for late notification.  

Call Center Cancellation Requests:

Due to the potential delay in processing Call Center requests (which can affect your refund), online cancellations are highly recommended. However, if you booked your reservation through Call Center, you must also cancel through them.  Be aware, a Call Center service fee will be charged, in addition to other fees, for cancellations processed by the Call Center.

  1. Call 425-388-6600 (M-F, 8:30am-4:00pm) 
  2. Staff do not have access to credit card info to adjust fees or process refunds, so please have your card ready
  3. If you do not get through (or it is after hours) leave a message or send an e-mail
    • Include your name and the Confirmation # (or Site# and Date).  Repeat your daytime phone number.  
    • Please be aware that messages left late in the day may not be retrieved until the next business day.
    • Follow-up!  We will attempt to contact you but not all messages can be retrieved or returned due to background noise and other factors.  
    • Keep in mind, fees are based upon the date a reservation is processed--not when requested.


Modifications are changes to an existing reservation that alter the nights and/or sites.

  • Changes from one park to another are not permitted.
  • Any modification must retain at least 1 night of the original reservation.
  • No modifications allowed less than 14 days from check-in.
  • Modifications will be assessed a $10 (per site) fee.
  • Modifications that reduce nights will need to be cancelled and re-booked. See Refund section for cancellation fees.
  • Modifications must not violate the Friday/Saturday night stay requirement.
  • Please note:  Modifications break the link to your credit card.   To cancel a modified reservation, you will need to contact the Call Center.


The amount of your refund is based upon how far in advance your cancellation is made. Because reservations are counted in terms of nights, it might be easier to think in terms of nights when calculating how far out you are to check-in.  The following cancellation fees and deadlines apply to campsite, cabin, yurt, and picnic shelter reservations:

Class I - 14 or more nights prior to check-in

Cancellations processed at least 14 days (nights) prior to scheduled arrival date will receive a full refund less transaction fee, Call Center fee (if applicable) and a $11 cancellation fee (per site). No refunds for picnic shelter cancellations less than 14 days out.

Class II -  4 to 13 nights out

Cancellations processed less than 14, but more than 3 days (nights), prior to arrival date will receive a refund minus transaction fee, Call Center fee (if applicable) and one night's rental.  This fee applies to each site or facility cancelled.

Class III -  3 or fewer nights out

Cancellations processed 3 or fewer days (nights) prior to arrival date will receive a refund minus transaction fee, Call Center fee (if applicable), and two night's rental (per site or facility cancelled).  

IMPORTANT: Cut-off dates are calculated at midnight.  Weekend reservations must be cancelled NO LATER THAN MONDAY (prior to midnight Tuesday morning) to avoid the 2-night penalty.  

Flow chart counting number of days leading to Class 3 cancellation fee


Please be aware that transaction fees cannot be refunded, regardless of when it's cancelled.   

No-Show & Late Arrivals

A reservation may become a "no-show" if you have not checked-in or cancelled within 48 hours of your scheduled arrival date. All fees and charges (to a maximum of three nights) may be forfeited when your reservation turns to no-show.  Because weekend reservations require both a Friday and Saturday night stay, your site will not be given away if you arrive on Saturday.  If   you arrive after dusk the entrance gates will be closed.  However, if other members of your party have setup your site, you may still enter the park by opening and closing the gate and proceeding directly to your site.

Extreme Weather Exceptions:

As a general rule, cancellation fees are not waived for foul weather.  By its nature, camping involves spending extended time outdoors.  It's hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and it rains much of the time.  Visitors should be aware of the seasons when booking and come prepared.  That said, exceptions can be made for extreme weather conditions which close a park and/or pose a significant risk to the general public.  Those conditions are limited to:

  • Heat Advisory:  Maximum heat index temperature in Snohomish County is expected to be 100° or higher for at least 2 days, and night time air temperatures will not drop below 75°  
  • Extreme Cold:   Maximum temperature in Snohomish County drops below 20 degrees for at least 24 hours
  • Smoke:  Air Quality Index (AQI) rating of 151 or higher (as defined by the EPA).  AQI ratings between 101-150, for at-risk groups, with completed attestation, will be considered
  • High Winds:  Sustained winds of 40 mph or higher and/or gusts of 58 mph or higher

When above conditions are projected or present during dates of reservation:

  • Cancellation fees will be reduced to the minimum amount and/or unused nights refunded 
  • Change fees will be eliminated (if date change is preferred)
  • Exceptions are processed through the Call Center and requests must be received in writing, within 5 business days of reservation dates.  Submit requests by email or to 6705 Puget Park Drive, Snohomish WA  98296.
  • Cancellation fees will be waived, and unused date(s) refunded, should the park be closed  

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