Overview & Background

Chapter 30.66B consists of a set of ordinances (regulations) that have been codified into Snohomish County Code (SCC), applying to the following areas:

On New Development
The regulations apply to new land-use development proposals (for example, residential subdivisions or commercial buildings).

For New Traffic
The regulations concern the new traffic that is expected to be added to the county road system by the new developments.

Conditions of Approval
The regulations create requirements that must be met by the developments, as a condition of approval.

Mitigation Measures
As part of the requirements, developments typically must make improvements to the road system and/or pay into road improvement funds as mitigation for the impacts of the new traffic on the road system.

"Reasonably Related"
All required mitigation measures must be reasonably related to the impacts of the developments.

"Reasonable Benefit"
Improvements to the road system by the developers or constructed with payments from developers must reasonably benefit the new developments.