Diversity Charter

To advise the Snohomish County Executive on employee diversity issues and foster greater understanding of the connection between the diversity of our workforce and the diversity of the community from which we serve through education and awareness.

To be an organization whose workforce mirrors the community from which we recruit; which encourages creativity, innovation and change; that hires and retains the most qualified and professional employees available; that provides every employee the opportunity to reach his or her full potential; and that is free of harassment, discrimination, intolerance, and hate.

Business Needs
The Diversity Council's work supports the following business needs:
  • To recruit and retain a diverse workforce
  • To improve our productivity, creativity, and innovation
  • To improve the quality of services to our customers
  • To improve the quality of our communications
  • To be successful by valuing and effectively working with diversity within the existing employee pool and the community we serve
  • To be an employer of choice
County Diversity Goals
  • Increase the pool of qualified applicants for county jobs by creating and maintaining the type of atmosphere that increases the county’s reputation as an employer of choice that lives its diversity vision
  • Increase retention of productive employees who contribute to our diversity by determining and addressing the issues that contribute to their job satisfaction
  • Reduce the separation between community and government by making the diversity of the county's workforce reflective of the community
  • Increase collaboration and recognize the contribution of our diverse community
  • Deepen trust in county government by active participation in events in the community that demonstrate the county's commitment to understanding and appreciating diversity
  • Educate county employees by using appropriate educational tools and providing the time and opportunity for all employees to participate fully in such education
Diversity Council Goals;
  • Advise the Executive regarding the most effective ways to get additional feedback from our workforce and diverse communities about the issues of greatest concern
  • Advise the Executive on ways that the Diversity Council can help achieve the county’s diversity goals
  • Recommend diversity education tools, events and activities
  • Report accomplishments to the executive annually
  • Develop an annual work plan and budget
Diversity Council Structure
The Diversity Council will be structured and operate as follows:
  • The Diversity Council is composed of a cross-section of employees from the organization with at least one representative from each department
  • Members are nominated by directors, elected, officials, and court administrators and appointed by the executive. Each department head nominates one or more employees per year
  • Members are appointed to two-year staggered terms
  • The executive appoints a chair annually, approves the work plan and budget, and responds in a timely manner to advice provided by the Diversity Council
  • County diversity goals are recommended by the Diversity Council, reviewed, discussed and amended by the directors, elected officials and court administrators, and amended and approved by the executive
  • The Executive Office provides support staff for the Diversity Council
  • The Diversity Analyst and EEO Investigator are resources to the Diversity Council
Role of Diversity Council Members
  • Support the mission, vision and goals of the Diversity Council and the county diversity goals
  • Serve as liaison between the Diversity Council and county employees from the department he/she represents, and the community. Provide feedback to the Diversity Council about their issues of greatest concern
  • Report back to the director, elected official, or court administrator the issues discussed and the activities of the Diversity Council
  • Assume individual accountability for assisting the Diversity Council in progressing toward positive resolutions of diversity issues.
  • Make recommendations and assist in authorized implementation of diversity educational events
  • Assist county employees and community members by clearly and candidly communicating to the executive their concerns about diversity matters
  • Advise the Diversity Council regarding the most effective ways to get additional feedback from the diverse communities he/she represents