The Diversity Council has a wide range of local, national, and global contacts and links to information that aids in understanding and appreciating the Diversity of our community. The following are information about available diversity resources:

General Resources

  • Global Diversity at Work - Diversity Calendar
  • Global Classroom - Kidlink Multicultural Calendar
  • Diversity Inc. is the diversity trade publication providing the business case and career centers for women, multicultural, and minority employees
  • ICDRI – a compendium of info, legislation, events, finances, care, housing, newsletter, and other resources. 
  • The National Coalition Building Institute in Seattle, provides opportunities to gain an increased understanding of racism in US society; a chance to examine the emotional effects of racism on white people; new skills for being an ally to people of color; an opportunity to work on feeling proud of your white / European heritage (see the Calendar or Events, NCBI Workshops, Next Workshop, Healing White Racism, and the Asian Constituency areas of the website). For more information call Carrie Roche at 206-323-5427
  • Recreation is for Every Body - Snohomish County Parks Directory
  • Washington State Human Rights Commission (review the Menu's Calendar under the commission for upcoming events, see Menu's Outreach and Training for local training opportunities)
  • Washington State Diversity Network


Links to external sites do not constitute endorsement by Snohomish County, and each site is responsible for its own data. This list should not be considered a complete list. If you know of other sites that should be considered for inclusion, or if you need assistance in a specific area that is not listed, please call 425-388-3460.