Septic System Care

Protect your investment! More than 78,000 Snohomish County homes rely on septic systems. A failing septic system can be expensive to repair and is a serious health risk to your family and pets.

By practicing proper septic system care and maintenance, you can protect your family's health and keep your septic system running for years to come.

Helpful resources are listed below.

Your Septic System - Easy Ways to Keep It Running

Septic BMP handout
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Snohomish Health District    Snohomish Health District

The Snohomish Health District is your best resource for information and assistance on:

Savy Septic logo   Savvy Septic Program

Snohomish County's Savvy Septic Program provides financial assistance and additional resources concerning your septic system. Learn more about this program and resources it has to offer:

Understanding Your System

Here are helpful guides to understand and care for your system type and components. Carefully review your As-Built drawings and Application records to see what components your system includes. (Note: listed in order of how prevalent the types are within Snohomish County)

System Type / Component  Corresponding Guide
Gravity Understanding and Caring For Your Septic Tank System
Pump Chamber & Alarm Understanding and Caring for Your Septic Pump Chamber & Alarm
Low-Pressure Distribution (LPD) Understanding and Caring for Your Pressure Distribution System
Drip Dispersal How Does It All Work? Drip Dispersal Systems
Mound Understanding and Caring for Your Mound System
Sand Filter Understanding and Caring for Your Sand Filter System
Sand-Lined Bed (SLB) Sand-Lined Trench Systems
Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) How Does It All Work? Aerobic Treatment Systems (ATU)
Download the corresponding brochure(s) for other components of your system
Proprietary System Strictly follow the manufacturer’s operation and maintenance manual