Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal’s Office provides safe livable environments through inspections, investigations, and education.


The Snohomish County Fire Marshal is responsible to assure fire and life safety, and to reduce the risk of fire loss to the lives and property of the citizens of Snohomish County. The Fire Marshal represents a vital communication link between the fire districts, county, and state government.

The Snohomish County Fire Marshal's Office conducts annual fire and life safety inspections, conducts fire and arson investigations, provides plan review for land use and commercial construction, and issues permits for firework displays, fireworks stands, and special events.

Holiday Prevention Tips

Holiday decorations can be a source of fire in your home or business. There are ways you can minimize the risks associated with holiday lights, trees and candles.  See our Helpful Fire Safety Tips page for more information.

4th of July Independence Day

Know which cities and towns have banned fireworks and which ones allow them during specific hours. Please see our Firework Safety flyer and the Safety Tips & Resources page on the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office website. For information on where it is legal to discharge fireworks, please refer to the Fireworks Discharge Map. Also note there is a new fireworks ban in effect in Southwest Snohomish County - for details see the SW Snohomish County Fireworks Ban Area map

Helpful Fire Safety Tips