Off-Leash Dog Areas (OLDA)

Off-Leash Areas

We love dogs! In fact, we like them so much that we created some very cool Off-Leash Dog Areas (OLDAs) at Willis Tucker Park, Esperance Park, Cavalero Park, Tambark Creek Park, Lake Stickney Park, and Martha Lake Airport Park.  These fenced areas allow your dogs to roam free without a leash.  Most include a separate area for small and shy dogs as well.

For information on the Winter Dog Park at the Evergreen State Fair Park, click here.

 Please note: We have no off-leash parks--only off-leash areas (within parks).  Dogs must be on a leash in all other areas of the park--including routes to and from the off-leash areas.

Dog-Free Areas

There are however, areas that Rover and Fido must avoid.  Pets are not allowed in the yurt villages at Kayak Point and River Meadows Parks.  For safety and health reasons, dogs are not allowed in designated swim areas.  At Thomas’ Eddy and Spencer Island, there is a lot of wildlife that we like to keep safe. So, please do not bring your dogs to these areas either.

Leash-Required Parks

At all other parks and areas, dogs must be kept on a leash.  You are also required to clean up after your dogs and properly dispose of their waste. These rules are enforced by our rangers.

Healthy Pets

Please bring your own water and water bowl for animal companions. There is a water spigot available for use at Willis Tucker Off-Leash Dog Area. Diseases can be spread by use of shared water bowls, so please don't share them with other dogs.

Snohomish County Parks asks that all dog off-leash area visitors be aware of the importance of having a healthy pet and recommend all pet owners consult with their vet to make sure their animal is healthy enough for dog off-leash areas. Please remember to clean up after your pet and to dispose of waste properly.

Off Leash Dog Area (OLDA) Brochure (PDF)

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