Highlighted Projects

Utilizing a Washington Conservation Corps crew and the support of community volunteers, the Native Plant Program prepares project sites for restoration, plants approximately 20,000 native plants per year in riparian zones, and provides vegetation monitoring for Snohomish County projects.

Some projects examples include:

  • Kuhlman Creek – This project began with two culvert replacements to reduce flooding and developed into a 4.5-acre salmon habitat improvement project involving partnerships with six private landowners.
  • Mosher Creek – A restoration of a stream and wetland ecosystem to provide habitat for native wildlife including salmon, trout, and beaver with self-sustaining native vegetation.
  • Mac's Blue Spruce - A natural drainage and vegetation enhancement project to restore the health and function of a neighborhood Native Growth Protection Area (NGPA).
  • North Meander - A reconnection of an abandoned Stillaguamish River meander and the re-establishment of its floodplain forest for juvenile salmonid off-channel rearing and refuge habitat.
  • The Stillaguamish Big Trees Project (PDF) - These project sites involve conifer understory supplementation plantings of the Stillaguamish River riparian forest to address in stream temperatures exceeding TMDLs (total maximum daily limits) for salmonids.