Stillaguamish River Clean Water District

In 1993, the Snohomish County Council created the Stillaguamish River Clean Water District (CWD) to “provide a comprehensive approach to managing and regulating surface water in order to respect and preserve the county’s rivers, streams, lakes, and other waterbodies” (Snohomish County Code Title 25A.05). 

How does it work?

  • Landowners within the CWD pay annual fees that enable the county to provide water quality and water quantity management services in the Stillaguamish River Basin.
  • The Clean Water District Advisory Board, comprised of CWD ratepayers, agencies, and businesses, was created to guide the spending of CWD revenues. The advisory board provides recommendations to the County and partner organizations working on water quality, water quantity, and aquatic habitat issues within the Stillaguamish River watershed. Meetings are open to the public.
  • Snohomish County uses CWD revenues to provide numerous surface water services to landowners within the CWD. These public services include: technical and financial assistance to landowners, shellfish protection, water quality monitoring and pollution control, drainage and flooding assistance, and salmon recovery projects.

Do you live in the CWD?

View a larger map (pdf). *If you still need assistance in determining if you live in the CWD, please contact us (see right sidebar).