General Information

Submit written comments to Planning and Development Services (PDS). All comments received prior to issuance of a department decision or recommendation will be reviewed. To ensure that comments are addressed in the decision or recommendation, they should be received by PDS before the end of the published comment period.

Comments, on a project scheduled for a hearing before the hearing examiner, may be made by submitting them to PDS prior to the open record hearing.

PDS only publishes the decisions as required by Snohomish County Code. Persons will receive notice of all decisions that they have submitted written comment on, regardless of whether or not they are published.

Become Party of Record
You may become a party of record for a project by:
  • Submitting original written comments and request to become a party of record to the county prior to the hearing
  • Testifying at the hearing
  • Entering your name on a sign up register at the hearing
Note: only parties of record may subsequently appeal the hearing examiner’s decision or provide written or oral arguments to the county council if such an appeal is filed.

Department decisions (including State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) threshold determinations): submit a written appeal and the $500 filing fee to PDS prior to the close of the appeal period. Refer to SCC 30.71.050(5) for details on what must be included in a written appeal.

A SEPA appeal also requires that an affidavit or declaration be filed with the hearing examiner within seven days of filing the appeal, pursuant to SCC 30.61.305(1).

Hearing examiner decisions issued after a public hearing are appealable as described in the examiner’s decision. Notice of those decisions is not published. You must have submitted written comments to PDS or written or oral comments at the public hearing in order to appeal a hearing examiner’s decision.

Building & Grading
Building and grading applications associated with a single family residence are not subject to the county’s appeal process. To file a judicial appeal in Superior Court, refer to WAC 197-11-680 and RCW 43.21C.075.  

ADA Notice
Snohomish County facilities are accessible. Accommodations for persons with disabilities will be provided upon advance request. Please make arrangements one week prior to hearing by calling the Hearing Examiner’s Office at 425-388-3538 (voice), or contact Vel Smith at 425-388-3210 (voice), or 425-388-3700 (TDD).