Central Ferry (Edmonds) Advisory Committee

Regular Meetings

Local committees meet quarterly within their own regions; each committee chair also serves on a state executive committee, which meets monthly with state officials.

Membership Information

Applicants should have an active interest in issues pertaining to ferry service; ferry commuters or people with businesses impacted by ferry terminal locations and schedules are especially valuable committee members. Each committee is made up of three persons who must be Snohomish County residents and who serve four-year terms. Not more than two members of any terminal-area committee may be from the same political party at the time of their appointment, and in a county having more than one committee, the overall party representation shall be as nearly equal as possible. Committee members are appointed by the council on recommendation of the executive. Contact 425-388-3879 for more information.

About the Committee

RCW 47.60.310 created local ferry advisory committees to provide local perspectives and recommendations to the Washington State Department of Transportation.