Environment Designations

The five shoreline planning environments previously described have been further delineated by a series of designation maps accompanying this document. These designation maps identify all shoreline areas within Snohomish County which fall under the jurisdiction of the Shoreline Management Act and graphically depict the environment assigned to each section of shoreline.

The boundary lines utilized here generally follow and/or relate to recognizable physical features. They do not necessarily correspond to legal descriptions of property ownership or governmental jurisdiction.

Where no specific environment designation has been applied to a water body on the Shoreline Planning Environment Designation Map (which would normally be the situation for rivers and streams due to the mapping problems involved) the adjoining upland environment designation shall apply to the water surface, water column, and bedland of the water body. Where different environment designations have been applied to the opposing banks of particular rivers and streams, each designation shall be extended to the midpoint of that water body.