Review & Amendment Process

It is recognized that changing public opinion, community needs and standards, new technology and information, or other unforeseen changing conditions may justify and compel review and amendment to this master program. However, to insure that suggested changes are not arbitrary or oriented to individual advantage, any proposed amendments or additions to the master program shall follow a process similar to that utilized for amending the county's comprehensive plan.

Compliance with this process will assure formal public notice and public hearing(s), the opportunity for ample public involvement, assessment, and recommendation by the county Planning Department's professional staff and the county Planning Commission with final formal approval given by the Board of County Commissioners, prior to submission to the Department of Ecology for official certification.

Due to the newness and lack of local or statewide experience with such a shoreline master program, it shall be fully reviewed and updated at least once in the first three years after initial certification by the Department of Ecology.

Additional Information

In addition, the county's shoreline inventory shall be updated within the six months preceding the beginning of the review and update of the master program. The inventory update shall include mapping of shoreline use and ownership, natural features and resources, as well as evaluation of federal, state and local plans and legislation and any other relevant factors.