SMMP Compatibility Matrix (Allowable Uses)

For 1974 - 2012 


0: Use permitted in the environment (e.g., rural, suburban) subject to regulatory controls

X: Use prohibited in the environment

^: Use permitted as a Conditional Use in the environment

*: See regulations for special circumstances

Use ActivityUrbanSuburbanRuralConservancyNatural
Agriculture (PDF)*****
Aquaculture (PDF)0000^
Beach Enhancement (PDF)000^X
Boating Facilities (PDF) (including marinas)0*0**
Breakwaters (PDF)000*X
Bulkheads (PDF)000*X
Commercial Development (PDF)0***X
Dredging (PDF)000*X
Forest Management Practices (PDF)^^00*
Jetties and Groins (PDF)000*X
Landfill and Solid Waste Disposal (PDF)****X
Mining (PDF)0X0*X
Ports and Water Related Industry (PDF)0X^*^*X
Public Access (PDF)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Recreation (PDF)00000
Residential Development (PDF)000*X
Roads and Railroads (PDF)0***X
Shoreline Stabilization, and Flood Protection (PDF)0000^
Signs (PDF)0000*
Utilities (PDF)0000*