Customer Service Center

Service Building Floor Details
Assessor Admin East First
Administration: Third
Assessments - Exemptions, Deferrals

Admin East

Admin West

Recording, Licensing, Animal Control Services

Elections, Administration
Board of Equalization Admin East Second
Boundary Review Board
Admin East Second
County Council
Admin East Eighth
Engineering Admin East Fifth Floor
Facilities Management
Admin East Sixth
Hearing Examiner
Admin East Second
Human Services
Admin East
Lower Level Lobby: 

AOD Treatment/Prevention, DUI, Energy Assistance, Investing in Futures, Veterans Assistance
Human Services Admin East  Fourth  Administration, Community Mental Health, Early Childhood Education Assistance Program (ECEAP), Early Head Start (EHS), Involuntary Treatment. 
Human Services  Admin West  Fourth   Developmental Disabilities, Housing Coordination, Long Term Administration 
Jail Entrance - Public Reception
3025 Oakes
Cashier's Lobby, Visitors Reception
Information Services
Admin East Seventh
Ombudsman Admin East  Third   
Planning and Development Services
Admin East Second Building and Development Permits
Prosecutor Administration
Admin East Sixth
Civil Division, Diversion, Family Services
Public Works
Admin East Second Records
Purchasing Admin East Third
Surface Water Management Admin West Third
Treasurer Admin East First
Administration: Third