Binding Site Plan

A binding site plan is an accurate drawing to scale which meets the requirements of Chapter 30.41D of the Snohomish County Code and which:

  1. Identifies and shows the proposed and existing location of all roads, improvements, open spaces, and any other elements specified by chapter 30.41D SCC
  2. Contains inscriptions or attachments setting forth limitations and conditions for the use of the land as specified in the approval
  3. Contains provisions requiring site development to be in conformity with the approved binding site plan

A record of survey is a survey prepared in compliance with the provisions of chapter 58.09 RCW, chapter 332-130 WAC and chapter 30.41D SCC. This method of division of land is usually done for commercial property, such as a strip mall, or to segregate land for phasing condominiums. Once the binding site plan is given preliminary approval and the site construction plans have been prepared and approved, a draft copy of the binding site plan with record of survey (BSP-ROS) prepared by a WA-state licensed land surveyor, together with all supporting documents and computations as required by chapter 30.41D SCC, is submitted to the PDS. After all elements of the BSP-ROS are reviewed and approved by PDS, other county agencies, the Snohomish County Health District, if required, and the local water / sewer purveyor, it is recommended for approval. BSP-ROS are approved by county staff only and need no approvals from the Snohomish County Council.

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