Boundary Line Adjustments

The Basics

A Boundary Line Adjustment (BLA) is the process for adjusting property lines between legally created lots. This process cannot create a lot or reduce the size of a lot so that it contains insufficient area and dimension to meet minimum zoning or Snohomish Health District requirements, except as may be provided in code. Specific approval criteria and regulations are laid out in Chapter 30.41E of the Snohomish County Code. Depending upon site circumstances, a boundary line adjustment application may be routed for review by Transportation and the Snohomish Health District, in addition to Land Use. In cases where access is affected, staking proposed access points and property lines along the road frontage may be required.

At the time of application, prospective applicants will need to provide relevant documentation for review, including: an application, affidavit, certified legal descriptions and maps, and other supporting documentation. If the boundary line adjustment application involves more than two lots, a Record of Survey showing the new lot configuration must also be submitted. One copy of lot status documentation, ownership data, lot closures, and other relevant information, if applicable, should only be provided as a supplement to the original submittal package.

All owners with interest in the lots must provide original, notarized signatures to the affidavit. Spouses must both sign the document unless sole interest in property is by only one spouse. If someone is signing the affidavit on behalf of a company or corporation, a notary certification for the representative acknowledgement must be included. Additional sheets of signatures may be attached as necessary. All documents to be recorded must meet the Auditor’s Office recording requirements.

black and white image of a bondary line adjustement example

If the application is determined to be incomplete or more information is needed, PDS will notify the applicant in writing within 30 days of submittal. A decision will be made to approve, approve with conditions, or deny the application within 45 days following submittal of a complete application or revision. When review is complete, a written decision will be issued. This decision may be appealed by the administrative appeal process established by Chapter 30.70 SCC. If you wish to propose a boundary line adjustment, you are encouraged to contact the Customer Permitting Center about legal lot, access, and other boundary line adjustment requirements.

Fees. The base fee is $600 plus $78 for each additional lot over the first two. Review fees for Transportation and the Health District may be included.

Submittal and resubmittal. Submittal of boundary line adjustments may be made during regular customer service hours with PDS Permitting staff. Additional reviews of projects must be scheduled with the project manager directly.

Forms and checklist. Boundary Line Adjustment Application (PDF), Boundary Line Adjustment Checklist (PDF), Affidavit of Boundary Line Adjustment (PDF), and Affidavit of Correction of Boundary Line Adjustment (PDF).

Once Approved

Appeal. All boundary line adjustments are subject to the Snohomish County appeal procedures, which means that a 14-day appeal period is required once granted approval. Any aggrieved party-of-record may make a written appeal during this period. Should an appeal be made on the boundary line adjustment, the Snohomish County Hearing Examiner will consider the merits of the appeal. In such an instance, the boundary line adjustment approval would be placed on hold until a decision on the appeal is rendered by the Hearing Examiner. While applicants may choose to record their boundary line adjustment during this period, there is risk that a valid appeal could render the decision null and void if the County’s approval is reversed. Picking up the boundary line adjustment. Once a boundary line adjustment has been approved, it may picked up from the PDS Cashier (2nd floor of the Robert J. Drewel Building, 3000 Rockefeller Avenue, Everett). The Cashier will provide the signed original and two copies of the boundary line adjustment.

Payment of taxes and assessments. All current and delinquent taxes and assessments must be paid to the Snohomish County Treasurer (1st floor of the Robert J. Drewel Building) prior to the recordation of a boundary line adjustment. Current taxes and assessments mean any payments due during the calendar beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st. These taxes and assessments must be paid on all properties associated with the boundary line adjustment. For boundary line adjustments that involve more than one party, each individual party will need to make payment. Upon receipt of all payments due, the Snohomish County Treasurer will issue an official verification that all taxes and assessments have been collected. This official verification is required by the Snohomish County Auditor in order to allow a boundary line adjustment to record. See RCW 84.56.345 for further information on payment of taxes and assessments.

Recordation. The boundary line adjustment only becomes effective upon recordation of the following items:

  • Affidavit of Boundary Line Adjustment;
  • Attachment of certified legal descriptions;
  • Attachment of boundary line adjustment map(s);
  • Record of Survey, if applicable; and
  • Conveyance documents, if applicable, that deed land to an adjoining property owner as part of the boundary line adjustment.

These should be brought to the Snohomish County Auditor (1st floor of the Robert J. Drewel Building) to be recorded upon the properties. Fees will be charged by the Snohomish County Auditor for each page to be recorded.

Return original documents. Once a boundary line adjustment has been recorded, the applicant must return the original and two conformed copies to the PDS Cashier. These shall include the Auditor file recording numbers so that they are noted in the PDS project file. This will complete the entire boundary line adjustment process.

Expiration. The boundary line adjustment is valid for one year from the date of approval. It is incumbent upon the applicant to record the boundary line adjustment and all associated documents (e.g. conveyance documents and boundary line adjustment maps) before the one-year approval period lapses. The applicant may request an approval extension for an additional year if there is good cause for the County to do so. If neither of the above actions are taken, the boundary line adjustment approval will expire in full.