Historic Shoreline Master Management Program, 1974

The Snohomish County Shoreline Management Master Program (SMMP) consists of several components, together with explanatory text and maps, all prepared to reflect the philosophy of the Shoreline Management Act of 1971, and the requirements of RCW 90.58 and WAC 173-16. Each of the components is designed to serve a separate and distinct purpose within the structure of the Master Program.

Goals & General Development Policies

The goals express the desires of the people of Snohomish County with respect to the long-range development of the county's shorelines. Each element described in RCW 90.58.100(2) is addressed by a goal and a series of general development policies. These goals and policies form the basis for all succeeding levels of the Master Program but, with the exception of the Shoreline Use Element, are not directly used in the development evaluation process.

Use Activity Policies

Use Activity Policies address each of the activities enumerated in WAC 173-16-060 and are intended to establish countywide policies for the conduct of each such activity.

Special Use Activity Policies & Regulations

Special Use Activity Policies and Regulations have been added to the Master Program to update and make the program consistent with more advanced technology and with other local, state, and federal regulations. The Special Use Activity Policies and Regulations include:

The Special Use Activity Policies and Regulations will apply universally to all SMMP activities. Additional Special Use Activity Policies and Regulations may be included as needed.

Use Activity Regulations

Use Activity Regulations are designed to regulate the use activities in a manner compatible with the policies established for each such activity. These regulations establish minimum performance standards for shoreline activity conduct; deviation from these regulations can only be allowed subject to issuance of a variance.

Environment Designation Criteria

Environment designation criteria set forth the ground rules to be used in determining which environment is appropriate for a given section of shoreline. These criteria are not used in the development evaluation process.

Environment Designations (Maps)

The environment designations establish the kinds of activities allowed on a given section of shoreline. They also specify the intensity of use and the manner of use of that shoreline. The general philosophy underlying the use of each environment is contained in the Environment Management Policies.

The Shoreline Management Act specifies that special consideration shall be given to Shorelines of Statewide Significance as defined by RCW 90.58.030(2)(e). The Management Principles and Development Guidelines detail the nature of such consideration.

Natural Systems Considerations

Natural Systems Considerations address the special characteristics of shoreline related natural systems. The issues and concerns discussed in the Natural Systems section should be carefully considered when appropriate to the issuance of substantial development permits or the revision of the Master Program.