Assistance Bulletins

Bulletin Name Number Type
Administrative Conditional Use Permits 38 Permits
Accessory Apartment, Attached Permits 13 Permits
Accessory Apartment, Detached Permits 12 Permits
Airport Compatibility Area Requirements 106 Code
Archaeological Sites Advisory 103 Environmental
Best Management Practices for Small Projects SWPPP 92 Environmental
Building Height Calculation 58 Code
Bulk Regulations, Landscaping, Parking, Signage 34 Code
Burn Permit Ordinance 68 Code
Code Interpretations 61 Code
Code Violations, Reporting 51 Process
Community Facilities for Juveniles 62 Code
Conditional Use Permits 39 Permits
Conversion of Attached Garages and Carports 28 Permits
Coordinated Water System Plan Implementation 97 Policy
Cottage Housing 79 Code
Critical Areas Regulations for Residential Projects 15 Environmental
Daycare Operations 11 Code
Decks, Porches, and Steps 21 Permits
Ditches, Filling of Roadside  66 Permits
Dock Repair Projects 20 Permits
Docketing Process 5 Process
Docks 19 Permits
Domestic Permit-Exempt Wells 109 Under Construction
Drainage Review (Projects Vested After September 29, 2010) 89 Permits
Drainage, Reduced Drainage Requirements Allowed Under the "Exception" 107 Permits
Equestrian Centers and Stables 2 Code
Exemptions, Common Permit Exemptions 74 Permits
Expired Building Permit 71 Permits
Fees, Residential Building Permits 18 Permits
Fences 6 Code
Fire Code Related Construction Permits and Fees 110 Permits
Fire Damage Repair 4 Process
Flood Hazard Areas 42 Environmental
Forest Practices, Class IV General Permit 93 Permits
Frequently Asked Questions 50 Code
Garages and Storage Buildings 26 Code
General Standards for Electronic Submittals 111 Permits
General Standards for Plans and Drawings - Building Permits 112 Permits
Grading Permits (Project Vested Before September 30, 2010) 35 Permits
Hazardous Tree Removal 52 Environmental
Home Occupations 10 Code
How to Access PDS' Frequently Used Resources 115 Permits
Inspections, Residential 25 Permits
Kennels 7 Code
Land Disturbing Activity Emergency Actions 88 Code
Land Disturbing Activity Permit Exemptions 86 Permits
Land Disturbing Activity Permits 87 Permits
Land Disturbing Activity Plan Review and Inspection Fees 100 Permits
Land Disturbing Activity Terms 85 Code
Legal Lots 24 Policy
Low Impact Development Best Management Practices 22 Code
Low Impact Development Best Management Practices and Feasibility Analysis 108 Code
LPG Tank Requirements, Residential 48 Permits
Maps and GIS Data Resources 60 Services
Mobile Home Park Zone 80 Code
Mobile Home Building Permit 36 Permits
Nonconforming Structures Repair, Replacement, and Remodeling 75 Code
Permitting and Information Services 1 Services
Pole Buildings 113 Permits
Plumbing Permits, Residential 32 Permits
Preparing Small Project SWPPPs 91 Environmental
Recreational Vehicles 53 Under Construction
Residential Building Permit Process 23 Process
Relocating a Single-Family Residence 3 Process
Replacement of Accidentally Destroyed Dwellings 47 Process
Retaining Walls 40 Permits
Rural Cluster Subdivisions 44 Code
SEPA Review for Residential Improvements 55 Process
Setbacks, Residential Building 27 Under Construction
Short Subdivision (Short Plat) Approval 8 Process
Soil Standard Post-Construction 94 Environmental
104 Permits
Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Areas 57 Environmental
Source Control Best Management Practices 101 Environmental
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for Small Projects 90 Environmental
Structures Built Without Required Permits and/or Inspections 83 Process
Swimming Pools 17 Permits
Temporary Dwelling Permits 49 Permits
Transfer of Development Rights 69 Policy
Transportation Concurrency Requirements 59 Code
Urban Centers 96 Code
Urban Centers Frequently Asked Questions 114 Code
Urban Residential Design Standards 78 Code
Urban Tree Canopy Coverage Requirements 105 Environmental
Uses Allowed in Zones (Use Matrix) 37 Code
Urban Villages 82 Code
Variances 9 Permits
Water Service Referral Process, Residential 98 Process
Wedding Facilities 102 Code