Law Enforcement Officers & Fire Fighters Disability Board

Regular LEOFF Disability Board Meetings

The 1st Thursday of Each Month at 8:30 am - Emergency Meeting on Thursday, August 31st at 8:30 AM - this meeting will be located on the first of the Admin West Building in the Human Resources Department located at 3000 Rockefeller Avenue, Everett WA 98201.

The LEOFF Disability Board was created pursuant to RCW 41.26.110 to establish uniform methods of procedure for the conduct of the business of the Snohomish County Disability Board as established by state law. It is comprised of five members, one representing the legislative body of the county; one representing the legislative body of the cities and towns, one representing fire fighters, one representing law enforcement officers, and one member at large who is selected by the other board members. Board members serve two-year terms and are not limited to the number of terms. For more information, view the LEOFF Disability Board Rules  or contact or (425-388-3411) in Human Resources.