The Mission of the Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission is

  • Identify, evaluate, and designate historic resources
  • Assist property owners in accessing the tax incentive for preservation
  • Preserve archeological and historic resources
  • Provide preservation information services and educational tools

Commissioners are county residents representing a variety of disciplines including historic preservation, architecture, and archeology to local history, law, and real estate. Ten members are appointed by the county executive and are approved by the county council. We are currently recruiting for all positions.

If you are interested in protecting Snohomish County's historic assets and would like to serve, please contact the Snohomish County Preservation Commission at 425-388-3432. Application for New Members

Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission members are

District 1: Loren Kraetz and Shirley Prouty
District 2: Katelyn Murray and Chris Jenkins (Chair)
District 3: Vacant/Nathan Proudfoot
District 4: Franklin Ng/Vacant
District 5: Jennifer Hushour/Frederick Cruger


The Historic Preservation Commission advises the county on matters of history and historic preservation.

Commissioner Duties include

  • Nominating properties to the Snohomish County Register of Historic Places
  • Reviewing State and National Register nominations
  • Approve projects for Special Valuation tax benefits
  • Provide design review


This commission was created by the Snohomish County Council as authorized by Ordinance No. 02-007, passed in April 2002, Adopting a New Snohomish County Code Title 33, Relating to the Protection and Preservation of Snohomish County Archaeological and Historic Resources, Sites and Districts. The commission is advisory to the county council and has a mandate to serve as the Design Review Board for special valuation, a state tax incentive for rehabilitation of historic properties. It surveys and inventories historic resources, nominates properties to the local, state, and national registers of historic places, reviews proposals to modify historic register structures, and conducts educational public programming related to historic preservation and archaeological protection. The board consists of 10 members, two from each council district; terms are three years. Appointments are recommended by the executive and confirmed by council.