2025 Fair Share Housing Allocation

The Fair Share Housing Allocation helps each of the county's jurisdictions devise their affordable housing objectives. The Fair Share Housing Allocation model forecasts the number of low- and moderate-income households that can be expected to live in Snohomish County, who might become cost-burdened; that is, make less than 95% of the county’s median household income and spend more than 30% of that income on gross housing costs. That forecast is then allocated to the county’s jurisdictions.

Allocation Goal

The goal is to prevent further concentration of low-income households in only a few areas. The allocation figures, shown below, are the number of cost-burdened households projected for the year 2025 for which each jurisdiction should plan; that is, make provision or accommodate through land use controls and other strategies in its comprehensive plan.

Fair Share Housing Allocation

In January, 2005, the Snohomish County Tomorrow Steering Committee adopted an update to the Fair Share Housing Allocation for the planning period 2005-2025. The documents listed below were all accepted as part of the Steering Committee’s action. Below the list of documents is a table showing the allocations. A similar table is included in the executive summary.