Sessions (Farming)

2019 Focus on Farming will feature 24 great workshop classes, with six industry tracks, presented by some of the top experts in the country. View session descriptions (PDF). View speaker biographies (PDF).

Track A: Agritourism

  • Session 1: Defining and Understanding Agritourism
  • Session 2: Agritourism and the Customer Experience
  • Session 3: Agritourism Rules and Regulations
  • Session 4: Panel of Agritourism Experts

Track B: Business of Farming

  • Session 1: A Business Plan on One Page
  • Session 2: Produce Safety Update
  • Session 3: You Already Have the Most Profitable Tool You’ll Ever Own…But it Didn’t Come with a %$#!@ Manual
  • Session 4: Technical Assistance Listening Session – What Do Farmers Need?

Track C: Flower Farming

  • Session 1: What it Takes to Start a Flower Growing Business
  • Session 2: How to Reach More Consumers with Washington Cut Flowers
  • Session 3: Cut Flower Production Planning
  • Session 4: Weddings, U-Pick, and Other Business Models: Why to NOT Do it All

Track D: Industrial Hemp Production in Washington State

  • Session 1: Regulatory Guidance for Hemp 
  • Session 2: Agriculture Practices of Growing Hemp 
  • Session 3: Hemp Processing  
  • Session 4: Marketing Hemp Products 

Track E: Livestock

  • Session 1: Getting the Most From Your Cut Sheet
  • Session 2: You Don't Have to Have a Farm to Show at the Fairs
  • Session 3: Regenerative Grazing
  • Session 4: What is a Lambulator?

Track F: New and Beginning Farmers

  • Session 1: Soil Health 101
  • Session 2: Financing Options and Other Resources
  • Session 3: Lease Literacy
  • Session 4: The Farm to Farmer Project: Start-up to Succession Planning