2018 Focus on FARMING will feature 24 great workshop classes, with six industry tracks, presented by some of the top experts in the country.

Track A: Building Together: New Farmers, Strong Businesses

  • Session 1: Transferring Our Knowledge to Support the Next Generation
  • Session 2: The Farm to Farmer Project: Start-up to Succession Planning
  • Session 3: An Introduction to WA Farmlink's New Website
  • Session 4: NW Credit Services: Supporting Your Financing Needs

Track B: Livestock and Technology

  • Session 1: Milk, Beer and Lemonade
  • Session 2: TBD
  • Session 3: TBD
  • Session 4: Poultry Processing Technology for Small-Scale Farms

Track C: Business of Farming

  • Session 1: Is the Local Food Movement Dead?
  • Session 2: USDA-VAPD: Supporting Farm Businesses and Value Added Product Development
  • Session 3: Latino Farming Business Empowerment
  • Session 4: Wholesale Connections for Small and Large Farms

Track D: AgBiz Logic

  • Session 1: AgBiz Logic Overview
  • Session 2: AgBizProfit
  • Session 3: AgBizLease and AgBizFinance
  • Session 4: AgBizClimate

Track E: Hot Topics

  • Session 1: Potato and Tomato Diseases in Western WA: Biology and Control
  • Session 2: Battles of the Brassicas: Common Brassica Dieases in Western WA
  • Session 3: Intro to Dry Farming Vegetable Crops in the Maritime
  • Session 4: Site Suitability for Dry Farming Vegetable Crops: Not All Sites are Created Equal!

Track F: Food Safety/Ag Technology

  • Session 1: FSMA: What to Expect from Produce Inspections
  • Session 2: Selling Animal Products: Meat, Poultry, Dairy and Eggs
  • Session 3: There’s an App for That!
  • Session 4: Drone Technology on the Farm