Sessions (Farming)

2018 Focus on FARMING featured 24 great workshop classes, with six industry tracks, presented by some of the top experts in the country. View session descriptions and presenters.

Track A: Building Together: New Farmers, Strong Businesses

  • Session 1: Transferring Our Knowledge to Support the Next Generation
  • Session 2: The Farm to Farmer Project: Start-up to Succession Planning
  • Session 3: An Introduction to WA Farmlink's New Website
  • Session 4: NW Credit Services: Supporting Your Financing Needs

Track B: Livestock and Technology

  • Session 1: Craft Butchery: Processing, Portions, Profitability, Podcast
  • Session 2: Milk, Beer and Lemonade
  • Session 3: Managing Pastures for Livestock
  • Session 4: Poultry Processing Technology for Small-Scale Farms

Track C: Business of Farming

  • Session 1: Is the Local Food Movement Dead?
  • Session 2: USDA-VAPD: Supporting Farm Businesses and Value Added Product Development
  • Session 3: Latino Farming Business Empowerment
  • Session 4: Wholesale Connections for Small and Large Farms

Track D: AgBiz Logic

  • Session 1: AgBiz Logic Overview
  • Session 2: AgBizProfit
  • Session 3: AgBizLease and AgBizFinance
  • Session 4: AgBizClimate

Track E: Hot Topics

  • Session 1: Potato and Tomato Diseases in Western WA: Biology and Control
  • Session 2: Battles of the Brassicas: Common Brassica Diseases in Western WA
  • Session 3: Intro to Dry Farming Vegetable Crops in the Maritime Pacific NW
  • Session 4: Site Suitability for Dry Farming Vegetable Crops: Not All Sites are Created Equal!

Track F: Food Safety/Ag Technology

  • Session 1: FSMA: What to Expect from Produce Inspections
  • Session 2: Selling Animal Products: Meat, Poultry, Dairy and Eggs
  • Session 3: FarmBeats: An AI and IoT Solution for Data-driven Agriculture
  • Session 4: The View from 400 ft: Drone-Based Sensors & Analytics for Precision Agriculture