Erin Pirro

Morning Keynote Speaker

Erin S. Pirro, CAC
Certified Agricultural Consultant and Ag Business Catalyst

Keynote: Building the Team You Want for the Future You Deserve

Labor is one of our biggest expenses, but it’s also one of our greatest opportunities.  Building a professionally-run business pays huge dividends - not only to the bottom line but in creating a company culture where people want to work. A good team is an asset to any company, and building the one you want opens doors to everything: a day off, a vacation, even a legacy that outlives you.  

Join Erin Pirro and learn some simple strategies you can employ to make a meaningful difference with your company’s biggest asset - and along the way, become the employer of choice.

Erin Pirro has been helping farmers large and small make their businesses run better since 2001. As a Certified Agricultural Consultant for Farm Credit East with a background in agricultural economics, Erin's focus is on benchmarking and profitability improvement because sustainability means economics, too!

Michael Rosmann

Lunch-Time Keynote Speaker

Michael Rosmann
Farmer, Psychologist and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Iowa

Keynote: Behavioral Well-being Is Key to Healthy Food Production

The current era of farm economic uncertainty is making it all the more important for farmers to manage their behavioral health so they are optimally functional agricultural producers. Farmers’ behavioral health is positively correlated with their crop productivity, the health of their livestock and sound decision-making. 

Dr. Rosmann will discuss research findings that indicate what works to deal with stress, depression, and to make difficult financial choices. He will also explain new federal, state, and local resources, such as the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network, which are improving farm family mental and physical well-being.

Suggested Readings:

Michael Rosmann is a farmer and psychologist at Harlan, Iowa. He obtained his BA in psychology from the University of Colorado and his MS and PhD degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Utah. His professional work has contributed to the understanding of why people farm, their unique behavioral health issues, and why suicide is unusually common among farmers. He writes a weekly column, “Farm and Ranch Life,” which is syndicated in 31 agricultural and rural newspapers; he has written an award-winning book, Excellent Joy: Fishing, Farming, Hunting, and Psychology. He is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Iowa. Dr. Rosmann says he is almost as passionate about fly-fishing and hunting as he is about agricultural behavioral health.