Stillaguamish River Clean Water District (CWD) Advisory Board

Regular Meetings

  • 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
  • Fourth Thursday of every month except as follows:
    • October is second Thursday
    • November is third Thursday
    • No meeting in August or December
  • Peace Lutheran Church
    1717 Larson Road
    Silvana, WA 98287


  • Representing Single-Family Ratepayers:
    • Lakes - Miriam Lancaster
    • Stillaguamish Drainage Basin - Dale Shelton (2017 Chair)
    • Skagit Drainage Basin - Graham Logen
    • Port Susan Drainages - Vacant
    • Tulalip Drainage Basin - Vacant
  • Representing Ratepayers:
    • At Large #1 - Vacant
    • At Large #2 - David Ridgeway
    • At Large #3 - Bob Landles (2017 Vice Chair)
    • At Large #4 - Vacant
  • Representing Farm Ratepayers - Kurt Strotz
  • Representing Commercial / Industrial / Other Ratepayers - Kelly Wynn
  • Representing Flood Control, Dike & Drainage Districts - Vacant
  • Representing Snohomish Conservation District - Steve Van Valkenburg
  • Representing Snohomish Health District - Steve Rice
  • Representing Washington Department of Ecology - Colleen Crotty
  • Representing Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife - Vacant by agency choice
  • Representing the Stillaguamish Tribe - Vacant by agency choice
  • Representing the Tulalip Tribes - Vacant by agency choice

About the CWD Board

The Stillaguamish River Clean Water District (CWD) Advisory Board was established with the creation of the CWD in 1993 to guide the spending of Clean Water District revenues. It is a stakeholder advisory board comprised of local landowners, agencies, tribes, and businesses. The board makes recommendations to Snohomish County and other organizations that receive CWD revenues to work on water quality, water quantity, and aquatic habitat issues in the CWD. The CWD Advisory Board reviews funding levels and annual work plans primarily of the Surface Water Management Division of Snohomish County Public Works Department and the Snohomish Conservation District. Contact 425-388-3024 for more information.

CWD Advisory Board Bylaws