Public Records

Snohomish County has recently updated its public records policy, procedures, and has adopted a new fee schedule. Please see the links below for updated documents.

Public records are governed by the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56) and pertains to all records prepared, owned, used, or retained by any department or office of Snohomish County government, excluding the Snohomish County Courts.

Birth records are maintained by the Snohomish Health District. Please contact them to obtain birth certificates.

Many records citizens are looking for such as birth or death records, marriage certificates, property records (deeds, easements, liens, etc), and name change records. These are available without submitting a public records request. Please review our list of commonly requested records for more information on how to obtain these records.

If you are seeking records from the Snohomish County Court system, please contact them directly.

If you are seeking autopsy reports, please contact the Medical Examiner directly.

Traffic collision reports are available online.

Snohomish County provides all other public records in compliance with all applicable laws. When making your request please be as specific as possible so we can conduct a thorough and accurate search. 

If you would like to make a public records request please use the Public Request Portal to request records.

If you have questions about how we process public records requests, please see our FAQs, policies and procedures below, or contact us via the information to the right.

under Washington law, the County Clerk’s Office, as part of the judiciary, is 
not subject to the Public Records Act (the “PRA”), Chapter 42.56 of the Revised Code of Washington (“RCW”).  Please see Nast v. Michels (107 Wn.2d 300, 308, 730 P.2d 54 (1986) and City of Federal Way v. Koenig, 16 Wn. 2d 341, 217 P. 3d 1172, 1174 (2009).