Performance Auditor

Office of the County Performance Auditor

The County Performance Auditor objectively and independently promotes effective, efficient, and accountable county government by supporting positive practices and making recommendations to enhance the performance of county operations.

The Snohomish County Office of County Performance Auditor is an independent office in the legislative branch of county government. The office reviews county departments, offices, programs, and functions to help ensure they are effective, efficient, and economical.

The office completes performance audits, the goals of which are to provide information that will improve operations, facilitate good decision making, and strengthen public accountability.

Definition of a Performance Audit

Performance audits are tools that many public and private entities have come to use to make their work more efficient, effective and economical. In the process of a performance audit, evidence is assessed against objective criteria to determine opportunities for improvement. The Office of County Performance Auditor uses the Government Auditing Standards (GAS) as a guideline for conducting performance audits.