May is Volcano Awareness Month in Washington State



Facts about Glacier Peak, one of the five active volcanoes in Washington State that resides in the northeastern corner of Snohomish County:

  • Glacier Peak has produced some of the most largest explosive eruptions within the United States. In fact, when Glacier Peek erupted around 13,000 years ago it's rock fragments traveled as far as Montana.
  • Because the Volcano is so remote, it wasn't until the 1850's that Native Americans pointed out to the naturalist George Gibbs that the peak at one time "smoked".
  • The U.S Geological Survey uses a seismic monitoring station to monitor seismic activity at Glacier Peak. The ability to detect very small earthquakes with the seismic monitor is critical to early warning detection of volcanic activity. 
To learn more about volcanos including areas that are at risk, USGS warning systems and ways to be prepared visit the Snohomish County DEM Volcano page here.

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