Please view categories on the left of the page. Current Bids will take you to our Procureware site where all Current Bid/RFP opportunities are listed. Other information such as current award info, vendor registration and bid tabs are also updated on our Procureware site.

Check back often for updates on Current Outreach Events.

Purchasing Division: Interim procedures to maintain community safety:


Bid and Proposal Submittals: 

Please use a commercial carrier for submittals (Fed Ex, UPS, or USPS).

In-person RFP submittals will not be accepted.

In-person Bid submittals will only be accepted just prior to the bid due date and time (see below)


Public Bid Openings:

Bid Openings will take place in the first floor lobby of the Administrative West Building located on the County’s main campus.

The address is 3000 Rockefeller Avenue in Everett.  The lobby will be accessible twenty (20) minutes prior to the scheduled bid opening.

Enter the lobby through the sliding glass doors located directly across from the Parking Garage Elevators  (next to the ATM machine).


Call Purchasing at 425-388-3344 or email to purchasing@snoco.org if you have any questions or concerns.